Visual Identity

On the occasion of the Day of Ukrainian Constitution, Democracy Reporting International organised an educational event "Constitutional Fest. Hrushevsky:19". Mykhailo Hrushevsky is Ukraine's greatest twentieth century scholar and one of the most prominent Ukrainian statesmen in Ukraine's history. For this event, the "Father of Ukrainian constitutionalism" was depicted in a modern, playful and approachable way.
Bright T-shirts, mugs, bags with his portrait were handed out to the participants during the event. The event is aimed at raising awareness of youngsters about Ukrainian constitutionalism.
“Night of the Museums” is an event that took place in Odesa in May 2018. It was held in three different places during one night. Visual identity was inspired by the map. A colourful triangle schematically represents three location spots connected together.
White and black pattern was later used as a tracking visual for the Augmented Reality exhibition in the museum. 2017
Promprylad.Renovation is an innovation center on premises of an old plant. It focuses on four areas of region development — new economy, urban design, contemporary art, and education. Theses visuals were created to send greetings to investors and partners of the company on the occasion of winter holidays. 2017