Iconographic education program for Polish youth. The project is aimed at helping Polish youngsters rethink iconography. Different workshops and activities are planned to show the other side of icon-making and icon-reading, give it a contemporary and fresh look. 2018
An info-brochure for Ukrainian soldiers defending the East of Ukraine from Russian invaders. The authors thoroughly collected and edited the latest legislation tips to educate Ukrainian defenders on their rights and freedoms. Made for ODA in 2017
A series of postcards "Cities of Ukraine". The project contains crowd-sourced information, for the purpose of giving an insight to Ukrainian cities to foreigners. The information of the postcard has been carefully gathered from the citizens and selected solely for its cultural purpose. Whole collection:
Design of the Album Cover and CD for musical band "Royal Corvus", 2016.
"Purification of the Power: Why It Is Neccessary", a brochure telling about corrupted politicians, mechanisms to fight bureaucracy etc. Photos on the background depict Ukraine’s REAL parliamentary fights which used to take place on a regular basis. Made for ODA in 2017.