Craft brewery "Przełom" is situated in Białowieża, a well-known primeval forest in Central Europe. Its recipes are inspired by the riches of Polish forests. The label on each beer type has its own theme and draws attention to the urgent local problems, such as illegal and destructive felling of trees ("Leśniczówka"), climate change ("Letni brzask"), animal protection ("Yeah!len") etc.

Brown bears went extinct in Białowieża Forest in the end of the 19th century. 140 later, in June 2019, the bears began to return! To celebrate this event, brewery "Przelom" is launching its "White Bear" witbier. This unfiltered style of ale is pale and cloudy in appearance due to the high level of wheat.
Russian Imperial Stout is high in alcohol, full bodied, rich, and complex. "A Frosty Day" is perfect choice for a cold winter day. Those days are especially beautiful in Polish forests, all white and silent. But for how long shall we be able to enjoy winters?... The temperature in Bialowieża increased by 1.27 ◦C over past 50 years. Glabal warming seriously threatens magnificent Polish winters.
The beer title means "The Spirit of the Wilderness". On the one hand, the name and the label should evoke feelings of mystery. One might think of the ghost presence in magic forests of Białowieża... On the other hand, the forest is a good hide-out for local moonshine producers. Once police found a man who produced 4000 liters. According to him, these were not meant for sale, but for the wedding of his son.
American IPA "With The Flow". There was a time when Indian Pale Ale was brewed in west Coast Style - bitter and dry. Now there is another trend. "Przełom" goes "with the new flow" and brews New England IPA - sweet and juicy. This beer tastes like a hot summer day. It invites you to escape, calls for an adventure.